3 hour ban changes to 10 year ban

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3 hour ban changes to 10 year ban

Postby giraffelords36 Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:01 am

Hello any body reading this post i did not know were else to write this so sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

I was banned from the server roughly 6 hours from this post, i was a police officer who made a plan with another player to do an assassination (it failed) I was then banned for 3 hours, i originally thought it was unjust but then i read the rules and the police rules said no corruption so i accepted it, however the person who was helping was also banned for 3 hours for assisting in corruption i thought that was unjust as reading the criminal rules, there was nothing about corruption, we argued in voice chat 2 for a bit with the mod there ban was lowered by a bit and it was done. While we were talking though and arguing i got really annoyed and kept saying ban me for life and said that i was going to message the owner to ban me for life from the server, i was saying that i was typing it to black now, but on my screen i had been typing in a new tab writing this is gonna get me kicked from the discord server (i was saying that i'm messaging black now, thinking that everyone new i was joking). I was kicked form the discord server after that and i left it at that i then came back 3 hours later tried to log onto the server and this happened (image 1). I was then really confused tried to messaged A.J.#6911 as they were the person who sent me the rules link and i thought the were an admin but they blocked me so i now stuck i messaged joshboy_ do tell the admin/mod if they could talk to me.

I believe that my ban should be changed from a 10 year ban to a 1 week to 5 month ban whatever the staff team decides just nothing over 7 months, apart of this happening is all my property's are destroyed and sold, i'm not aloud to join the police department until balackblur_ thinks i'm aloud to, my swat job is taken away from me and i'm set to farmer, i'm not aloud to buy a vehicle without permission from an admin or mod or owner, i can not get a new job without permission from a mod/admin/owner. I'm not aloud to swear for 1 year (discord and server) if i do swear i get 1 week ban. I am not aloud to buy property without permission or any weapons, i am never aloud to associate myself with criminals or help them in any way i will be apologising to the admin and mods involved in what happened (i need them to add me on discord: giraffelords36#2187) All these terms are negotiable. If anybody reading this thinks more terms should be added leave a comment and ill add them to this (nothing silly). please consider this: Giraffelords36
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