Server laws [Updated 10/23/2019]

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Server laws [Updated 10/23/2019]

Postby Blackblur_ Wed Dec 19, 2018 6:03 am

(Tier 2) The act of attacking another persons until death.
(Tier 3) The act of attacking multiples persons until death.

(Tier 1) The act of attacking another persons.
(Tier 2) The act of attacking multiples persons with the intent to kill.

Illegal substances
(Tier 1) Possession and consumption of Speed, Toughness, or Healing.
(Tier 2) Selling Speed, Toughness, or healing.

(Tier 1) Stealing the property of others. Includes scamming.

(Tier 2) Guns not purchased from Police dealer or Gun dealer are illegal.

Open carry
(Tier 1) Weapons must not be visible. (Knives are okay)
(Tier 2) If weapon is in violation of another law.

(Warning) Entering another individuals property without consent.
(Tier 1) Entering a property after being warned.

Major crime
(Tier 4) The act of being involved in a bank heist.
(Tier 4) The act of being involved in in a prison break.
(Tier 2) The act of starting/participating in a gas station robbery.
Involvement/participation means being within the perimeter of the building/area.

(Tier 3) Taking a persons captive.

(Tier 1) Threatening to commit a crime.

Accompanying a crime
(Depends on crime) Assisting with the breaking of a law.

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